Take Profit Trader Review: The Best Prop Firm in 2024

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Table of Contents
  1. Take Profit Trader Review: The Best Prop Firm in 2024
    1. Introduction to Take Profit Trader
    2. Why Take Profit Trader?
    3. Trading Platforms
    4. Evaluation Rules
    5. Qualification Criteria
    6. Choosing the Right Account Size
    7. Pro vs. Pro Plus Accounts
    8. Funded Account Rules
    9. Payout Structure
    10. My Experience with Take Profit Trader
    11. Conclusion
    12. My guarantee
    13. FAQ
    14. Take-Profit Trader: Funding Discount

Take Profit Trader Review: The Best Prop Firm in 2024

Introduction to Take Profit Trader

In the competitive world of prop trading, finding the right firm to back your trading efforts is crucial. Take Profit Trader has emerged as a game-changer in 2024, setting new standards with their innovative approach and trader-friendly policies. In this review, I’ll walk you through why Take Profit Trader is the best prop firm this year and how it can fast-track your trading career.

Why Take Profit Trader?

Take Profit Trader is designed to invest in your trading business, providing the capital needed to turn a small account into a substantial one. If you have the ability to trade effectively, this firm can help you scale your account to levels where your trading gains can cover your expenses and support your family. They were the first to introduce payouts from day one, which is a testament to their commitment to supporting traders right from the start.

Take profit invest in your trading business

Trading Platforms

Take Profit Trader supports a variety of trading platforms to suit different trader preferences and styles:

Rithmic Browser Mobile App:

Trade conveniently from anywhere using your mobile device.


Offers advanced charting tools and a wide selection of indicators.

Take profit trader allows a trader to trade with rithmic browser app


Compatible with TradingView, which is known for its clean charts, numerous indicators, and user-friendly interface.

My personal preference is TradingView due to its ease of use, clean charts, and extensive indicator library. Both TradingView and Trade of Eight have mobile apps, allowing you to trade on the go seamlessly.

Evaluation Rules

Take profit trader evaluation rules

To get funded with Take Profit Trader, you need to follow specific evaluation rules designed to ensure disciplined and effective trading:

  1. Hit Your Profit Target:

    Achieving your profit target is essential for qualifying for a funded account.

  2. Do Not Exceed Maximum Position Size:

    Stay within the maximum position size to manage risk effectively.

  3. Daily Loss Limit:

    Exceeding this limit will result in account suspension.

  4. End-of-Day Maximum Trailing Drawdown:

    Manage your trades to avoid exceeding the trailing drawdown at the end of the trading day.

  5. Trade Approved Products During Approved Hours: Adhere to the trading hours and approved products to avoid violations.

  6. Consistency Rule:

    Ensure that no single trading day accounts for more than 50% of your total profits.

Qualification Criteria

Take profit trader qualifications for funding

To pass the evaluation and qualify for a funded account, you must:

  1. Trade for a minimum of five trading days.

  2. Achieve your profit target.

  3. Ensure no single day's profit exceeds 50% of the total profit target.

Meeting these criteria demonstrates consistency and effective risk management, key factors in successful trading.

Choosing the Right Account Size

Selecting the right account size is crucial for balancing risk and reward. Take Profit Trader offers several account sizes, but I highly recommend the $50,000 account. Here’s why:

  • Achievable Profit Target: The $50,000 account has a profit target of $3,000, which is a reasonable goal for disciplined traders.

  • Favorable Drawdown Limit: With a maximum drawdown of $2,500, this account size offers a solid buffer for managing trades effectively.

  • Profit-to-Drawdown Ratio: This account provides an excellent balance between risk and reward, making it easier to sustain profitable trades.

Pro vs. Pro Plus Accounts

Take profit trader Pro verse Pro plus accounts explain

Take Profit Trader offers two types of funded accounts: Pro and Pro Plus. Understanding the differences between these accounts can help you choose the one that best fits your trading style and goals. 

Pro Account

  • Simulation Environment: Trades are executed in a simulated market environment.

  • No Monthly Data Fees: You don't have to pay any monthly data fees.

  • Trailing Drawdown: This follows your highest account balance until it reaches your starting balance, after which it goes away.

  • Profit Split: 80% for the trader, 20% for the firm.

Pro Plus Account

  • Live Market Environment: Trades are executed in a live market environment.

  • Monthly Data Fees: You are required to pay a monthly data fee of $135.

  • No end of day loss limit: This account type does not have a trailing drawdown.

  • Profit Split: 90% for the trader, 10% for the firm.


Pro Account

Pro Plus Account

Market Environment



Monthly Data Fees



Trailing Drawdown

Yes (until starting balance)

Yes (until starting balance)

Daily Loss Limit



Profit Split

80% Trader / 20% Firm

90% Trader / 10% Firm

While the Pro Plus account offers a higher profit split, it comes with the additional cost of data fees. The Pro account, on the other hand, provides a cost-effective way to start trading with no monthly fees and a manageable trailing drawdown.

Funded Account Rules

Once you transition from the evaluation phase to a funded account, understanding the funded account rules is crucial:

  1. No Daily Loss Limit in Pro+ Accounts: Unlike other firms, Take Profit Trader’s Pro+ accounts do not have a daily loss limit.

  2. Trailing Drawdown: The trailing drawdown in Pro accounts follows your unrealized profits in real time until it reaches the starting balance.

  3. Buffer Zone: Maintain a buffer zone to avoid account termination. This buffer acts as your initial drawdown and helps manage risk.

Payout Structure

Take Profit Trader’s payout structure is one of the best in the industry. Here’s how it compares to other prop firms:

Prop Firm

Payout Policy


Take Profit Trader

Withdrawals on day one of the funded account.

No minimum profit days required. No maximum withdrawal amount. Withdrawals processed in 4 hours.

Apex Trader Funding

Four months of restricted payouts.

Maximum of two payouts per month.

Top Step

Five winning trading days required.

Profits over $250 each day. Can withdraw half of profits after meeting this requirement.

In contrast, Take Profit Trader allows withdrawals from day one of the funded account, with no minimum profit days required and no maximum withdrawal limit. Withdrawals can be processed as quickly as four hours after the request, making it the most trader-friendly payout structure.

My Experience with Take Profit Trader

As someone who has withdrawn over $100,000 from Take Profit Trader, I prioritize transparency and proof. I'll share my Take Profit Trader wallet details to prove the effectiveness of this platform. In a recent Take Profit Trader Review on Youtube I show all my payouts. You can find the link below in the blog. 

You might think such an opportunity is too good to be true, but let’s face it – most traders struggle, and many fail. This failure generates profits for the companies, which can then be distributed to successful traders like you.


Take Profit Trader is the best prop firm in 2024, offering unparalleled support, flexible trading platforms, and a transparent evaluation process. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced professional, Take Profit Trader provides the resources and environment to help you succeed. Join Take Profit Trader today and take the first step towards a successful trading career.

My guarantee 

Ready to start trading with Take Profit Trader? Sign up through my affiliate link and use my code for guaranteed payouts. If Take Profit Trader denies your payout despite following the rules, I will personally step in and pay you. Recently, when Apex Trader Funding denied payouts, I covered several traders' payments. I only endorse companies where I put my own capital on the line. For the latest and best discounts, check out my daily updated discount page.

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  1. What is the main rule to avoid blowing up my account with Take Profit Trader?

    • The primary rule is to avoid hitting the max daily loss limit and end-of-day drawdown.

  2. How does the consistency rule affect my trading?

    • It ensures that your trading profits are spread evenly, promoting disciplined trading habits.

  3. What are the best account sizes to start with?

    • The $50,000 account is recommended due to its favorable profit-to-drawdown ratio.

  4. How do I connect my trading platform to Take Profit Trader?

    • Use Rithmic, NinjaTrader, or Trade of Eight for seamless connectivity.

  5. What are the payout methods and their processing times?

    • Payouts are processed as quickly as four hours after request, with no minimum profit days required.

Take-Profit Trader: Funding Discount

  • 40% lifetime discount on any account

  • No activation fee, "Lifetime Discount"

  • Lifetime discount: That means if you let it get rebilled, the evaluation resets and the deal applies until you cancel or pass.

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Take Profit Trader Funding

Table of Contents
  1. Take Profit Trader Review: The Best Prop Firm in 2024
    1. Introduction to Take Profit Trader
    2. Why Take Profit Trader?
    3. Trading Platforms
    4. Evaluation Rules
    5. Qualification Criteria
    6. Choosing the Right Account Size
    7. Pro vs. Pro Plus Accounts
    8. Funded Account Rules
    9. Payout Structure
    10. My Experience with Take Profit Trader
    11. Conclusion
    12. My guarantee
    13. FAQ
    14. Take-Profit Trader: Funding Discount