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Introducing Jered King: The Funded Futures and Forex Trader

Hey there, fellow traders! My name is Jered King, and I am a funded futures trader. I have been trading for four years now, and let me tell you, it has been quite a journey.

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The Start Of My Trading Journey

My journey as a trader began when I found myself stuck in a depressing job. I got hooked on drugs and ended up doing some time behind bars. I have always had a passion for business and the entrepreneurial world. Yeah, but being addicted to drugs definitely put a damper on that, to say the least!

showing i was an addict before becoming a trader full time

I was at rock bottom in society. I have never been a hardcore criminal; I would support my lifestyle by working and selling drugs. That is all the mischief I have gotten into. The people I was around lacked drive and simply were not my crowd. I ended up getting locked up again, this time for a longer period, all because of possession of narcotics. I became sober, and after about a year of being clean, I came across an article about trading. I was totally hooked and decided to give it a try. I gave trading penny stocks a shot, but it did not take long for me to realize it was not my thing. I tried my hand at options trading, but unfortunately, it did not pan out. Finally, I discovered my passion for futures trading.

The beginning of my new life

In the beginning, I was trading with my own money, and I was doing pretty well. But I wanted to level up and stumbled upon funded trading with a funded account.

Success in trading futures and forex

That is when I began my search for funding companies. I tested out a few, but it did not take long for me to realize that not all funding companies are the same. Some of them had absurd rules and restrictions, while others had sneaky fees and charges.

After having a few bad experiences with funding companies, I decided to take control of the situation myself. I began researching and experimenting with various funding companies, and after some time, I discovered a handful that I felt comfortable relying on. I started trading with their funded accounts, and I was finally able to make consistent profits. It was such a game-changer!

Why I Started VTF

After experiencing the challenges and difficulties of finding a trustworthy funding company, it dawned on me that there are likely numerous other traders facing similar situations. That is the reason I decided to create this website. I am all about sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow traders and helping them steer clear of the mistakes I made.

This website is a hub for reviews and recommendations of various funding companies, along with helpful tips and tricks for successful trading. I will also be sharing my personal trading strategies and techniques that have helped me become a successful futures trader.


Trading can be a tough and challenging journey, but it can also be super rewarding. Being a funded futures trader, I have gone through the ups and downs of trading. But, like, through it all, I have totally learned valuable lessons that have helped me become a better trader, you know? I have no doubt that it has prevented me from getting involved in drugs. I became completely fixated on trading and could not seem to break free from it. I have made way more money than I ever could have imagined!

making money as full time trader

Through this website, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience with fellow traders, helping them steer clear of the pitfalls I encountered. Whether you are just starting out or have been trading for a while, there is always something new to learn. So, come along with me on this exciting adventure and let us conquer the world of trading together!

Unpacking My Trading Strategy: A Journey Towards Consistent Profits

Hey there, fellow traders!

If you are reading this, you are probably on the same journey I started years ago—the adventure of navigating the thrilling yet intricate world of trading. The potential rewards are massive, and I must admit, I have had some seriously mind-blowing months—over $20,000 in profit this month alone—but let me tell you, it is not all rainbows and unicorns. It is all about commitment, finding the right approach, and a little bit of waiting. If you are interested in learning how I do it, stay tuned and keep reading.

My Trading Style

I am pretty open about my trading style. It is all about being disciplined, analyzing carefully, and understanding the market structure and liquidity. This awesome duo is the foundation of my trading decisions. I am all about diving deep into market structures and staying on top of shifts and liquidity levels to inform my trading strategy. Watch this video to get a better understanding of this concept.

My Reversal Strategy

Different Sessions, Different Strategies

Understanding that the market is a living, breathing entity that changes with time is crucial. In different trading sessions, I employ distinct strategies to maximize returns. For instance, during the Asian session, I often apply an "intermediate market structure shifts" strategy, capitalizing on intraday breaks. For the midnight opening, my go-to is the 'Slip and Rip' strategy. It's about adapting to the ebb and flow of the market. The link to the Slip n Rip Strategy is below in blue; check it out!

The Slip N Rip Strategy

Keys to Successful Entries and Exits

Getting your entries and exits right is pivotal. I focus on high-probability setups for trade entries, coupled with identifying optimal stop-loss and profit target levels. But it doesn’t stop there. I adapt my exit strategies based on the ever-changing market conditions. These adjustments are key to protecting profits and mitigating losses.

Embracing Creating Trading Strategies: Adding Your Spin On It

With my unique trading strategies, I focus on high win rates and nailing potential entry points. The mitigation block strategy revolves around spotting potential entry points using ITOB, IT-MSS, and the Turtle Soup strategies, of which the Turtle Soup is the inner circle trading concept. All of my strategies are based on his original teachings. I've got to give credit where credit is due. I would like to think I have added to his concepts, making them better with my own spin. I have also developed a unique way to effectively manage the trades to help with the risk management criteria that funding companies have put on us as funded traders. If you're curious, you can check out these videos where I delve into these strategies and break them down in more depth. 

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The Critical Role of Risk Management and Trading Psychology

If there's one thing I cannot stress enough, it's the importance of risk management in trading. I meticulously calculate position sizes and set stop losses. Beyond the numbers, however, is the battle in the mind. Maintaining discipline and overcoming psychological barriers have been pivotal in my journey towards trading success. Trading is as much a test of character as it is a test of skill.

News, Volatility, and Trading

External news events can wreak havoc on market prices. I’ve learned to navigate these choppy waters by developing strategies for high-volatility periods and managing the risks associated with market swings. Adapting to change is the name of the game.

My Role as a Mentor

Beyond my own trading, I’ve found immense satisfaction in mentoring aspiring traders. My students learn to view the market as I do and learn my strategies, helping them create a blueprint for their trading journey. The goal is then to help them build their own unique, custom strategies and build on what I've taught them. Learning to trade can be a solo journey, but it doesn't have to be. Having a mentor can help shorten the learning curve and avoid common pitfalls.

In conclusion, the journey of trading is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about building a robust strategy, adapting to market changes, and fostering a resilient mindset. Making over $20,000 a month didn’t happen overnight; it was a result of persistent learning and disciplined trading.

Are you ready to take the next step in your continuous learning and growth?

Trading is a skill that takes time to master. It involves a deep understanding of market trends, risk management, and the psychological resilience to handle the rollercoaster of emotions that often comes with market fluctuations. My strategy has evolved over the years, reflecting the dynamic nature of the markets and my growth as a trader.

One of the key lessons I have learned is the importance of continuous learning and development. This isn't a field where you can ever say, "I know enough." With each trade, each trend, and each shift in the market structure, there's something new to learn. The market is a fantastic teacher if you're a willing student.

Creating a Supportive Trading Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of my trading journey is building a supportive trading community. Through my mentorship program, I have been able to connect with traders from different walks of life, each with their own unique perspective on trading. This community provides an opportunity for traders to learn from each other, share their experiences, and grow together.

Wrapping Up

As I wrap up this post, I want you to remember that the path to consistent profitability in trading isn't a straight line. It's filled with ups and downs, victories and lessons, joy and frustration. But with the right mindset, a strong strategy, and a willingness to learn, it's a journey that can lead to great rewards.

I am committed to sharing my trading knowledge and experience to help you navigate this journey more effectively. If you're interested in going deeper into my trading strategies, check out these video tutorials on my YouTube channel. I hope that my experiences and insights will inspire you to strive for success in your trading journey. My goal for my YouTube channel, Jered King Trading SMC Mastery, has been to teach traders actionable rule-based strategies in an easy-to-understand way. The reason I do this is because that's what I wanted when I was learning but was very rarely able to find.

Remember, every trader’s journey is unique. Find your path, trust your strategy, and, most importantly, enjoy the ride. Here's to our collective success in trading!

Until next time, keep the charts green!

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