Honest Review of Bulenox Trader Funding - A Prop Firm for Aspiring Traders

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Bulenox trader Funding A futures trading prop firm

Honest Review of Bulenox Trader Funding - A Prop Firm for Aspiring Traders


In today's highly competitive trading environment, finding the right prop firm can make a significant difference. In this review, we will delve into Bulenox Trader Funding, providing you with an honest and comprehensive overview. Whether you are a novice trader looking to get funded or an experienced trader seeking better opportunities, this review will cover everything you need to know about Bulenox.

Complete review of bulenox trader funding in 2024

As someone who makes between $20,000 to $50,000 a month trading funded accounts with various companies, including Bulenox, I bring firsthand experience to this review. Since 2023, I have averaged $6,000 a month in payouts from Bulenox alone. My goal is to provide you with valuable insights and proof to help you make an informed decision.

Funded Trader with bulenox since 2023 earning $6,000 a month

Evaluation Rules

One of the most critical aspects of Bulenox Trader Funding is the evaluation process. Here’s a detailed look at the rules you need to follow:

Bulenox Trader Funding Rules

The Single Rule That Can Blow Your Account

The evaluation process at Bulenox is designed to ensure that only disciplined and skilled traders get funded. The primary rule you must adhere to is the Max Drawdown rule. This rule stipulates that your account should not hit the maximum drawdown limit set for your specific account size. Breaking this rule will result in the immediate termination of your account.

Other minor rules include:

  • Trading During Permitted Times: Trading is allowed from 6 PM Eastern on Sunday until 4:45 PM Eastern on Friday, with a one-hour break each day between 5 PM and 6 PM.

  • Maximum Position Size: Each account size has a predefined maximum position size that must be adhered to. Exceeding this limit will result in order rejection, not account termination.

Account Sizes and Scaling Plans

Bulenox offers various account sizes, each with its specific scaling plan. The following table provides detailed information about the scaling levels and maximum contracts allowed for each account size:

Differences Between Option 1 and Option 2 Accounts

Bulenox Trader Funding offers two distinct types of accounts to cater to different trader needs: Option 1 and Option 2 accounts. The main differences lie in the drawdown and loss limit structures. Option 1 accounts have a trailing drawdown with no daily loss limit, making it simpler and potentially more advantageous for traders who prefer fewer restrictions. On the other hand, Option 2 accounts feature an end-of-day max drawdown, a daily loss limit, and a scaling plan, which adds more rules and elements to manage. Both options require a one-time activation fee that includes data feed and maintenance, with no monthly cost. The tables below provide detailed comparisons of the drawdown limits, end-of-day max drawdown limits, daily loss limits, and scaling plans for both account options.

Option 1 Accounts

Account Size

Trailing Drawdown













Option 2 Accounts

Account Size

End-of-Day Max Drawdown

Daily Loss Limit

Scaling Plan




No Scaling (5 Micro-Contracts Max)




$0- $1,500: 2 Contracts Max; $1,501+: 3 Contracts Max




$0- $1,500: 2 Contracts Max; $1,501 - $4,000: 4 Contracts Max; $4,001+: 7 Contracts Max




$0- $2,000: 3 Contracts Max; $2,001 - $3,000: 5 Contracts Max; $3,001 - $5,000: 8 Contracts Max; $5,001+: 12 Contracts Max




$0- $4,000: 5 Contracts Max; $4,001 - $8,000: 8 Contracts Max; $8,001 - $12,000: 10 Contracts Max; $12,001+: 15 Contracts Max




$0- $5,000: 6 Contracts Max; $5,001 - $12,000: 12 Contracts Max; $12,001 - $20,000: 18 Contracts Max; $20,001+: 25 Contracts Max

Qualification for Funded Accounts

Bulenox Trader Funding Qualifications

To qualify for a funded account with Bulenox, you need to meet specific profit targets within a set timeframe. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Profit Targets: Each account size has a different profit target. For example, a $50,000 account has a profit target of $3,000, while a $25,000 account has a target of $1,500.

  • Trading Days: You must trade for a minimum of five days, even if you meet your profit target sooner. This ensures that traders demonstrate consistency over time.

The fastest you can get funded is within five trading days. If you hit your profit target on the first day, you still need to place trades for the remaining four days. It’s recommended to trade a single contract each day to meet this requirement.

Funded Account Rules

Prop Firm Trading Rules

Once you have a funded account with Bulenox, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the trading rules. These rules ensure both the trader’s and the firm’s interests are protected. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the funded account contract and the rules you need to follow:

  • Consistency Rule: Bulenox enforces a 40% consistency rule to promote steady trading behavior. This rule states that no single trading day can account for more than 40% of your total profits over a 10-day period.

  • Inactivity and Activation Fees: Traders must place at least one trade every five trading days to keep their accounts active. If an account becomes inactive, it risks termination. Upon passing the evaluation, traders are required to pay a one-time activation fee, which covers platform and data fees.

Why Choose a $50K Account?


Choosing the Right Account Size: Why Choose a $50K Account?

Bulenox Trader Funding account size selection

Bulenox offers several account sizes, but I highly recommend the $50,000 account. Here’s why:

  • Achievable Profit Target: The profit target for the $50,000 account is $3,000, making it a reasonable goal for disciplined traders.

  • Favorable Drawdown Limit: With a maximum drawdown of $2,500, the $50,000 account provides a solid buffer, enhancing your ability to sustain profitable trades.

  • Profit-to-Drawdown Ratio: This account size offers an excellent profit-to-drawdown ratio, which balances risk and reward effectively.

Trading Platforms and Connectivity

Bulenox Trader Funding supports a variety of trading platforms, making it convenient for traders to choose the one that best fits their trading style and preferences. Here’s an overview of the supported platforms and how to connect to them:

  • NinjaTrader 8: Bulenox provides a free license for NinjaTrader 8, one of the most popular platforms among traders for its advanced charting tools and automated trading capabilities.

  • R Trader Pro: Another robust platform that integrates seamlessly with Bulenox, offering a comprehensive trading experience.

  • TradingView: Although not directly supported, traders can use TradingView for charting and Rhythmic for order execution by utilizing a workaround. This involves using Rhythmic’s mobile app or desktop browser version for order entry while using TradingView for analysis.

Connecting to these platforms typically involves using Rhythmic as the data provider. Rhythmic connects to various platforms like NinjaTrader, Tiger Trader, Atlas, Scalp, Overcharts, Quant Tower, and Sierra Chart. Traders receive a license key for NinjaTrader 8 and can use other platforms that support Rhythmic data.

Proof of Payouts

One of the most compelling aspects of Bulenox is the transparency and reliability of its payout process. Having traded with Bulenox, I can confirm the timely and accurate payouts. Below is proof of my payouts from Bulenox, which demonstrates their commitment to supporting traders and maintaining trust.

Who Should Use Bulenox Trader Funding?

Bulenox Trader Funding is ideal for a variety of traders, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Here’s a look at who would benefit the most from Bulenox:

  • New Traders: Those just starting can benefit from the structured evaluation process and low initial risk.

  • Experienced Traders: Professionals looking for additional capital to maximize their trading potential.

  • Swing Traders: Traders who prefer holding positions overnight will appreciate Bulenox's flexible trading hours.

  • Scalpers: Those who engage in high-frequency trading can benefit from the high payout ratio and robust trading platforms.

Best Practices for New Traders

To make the most out of Bulenox Trader Funding, here are some best practices:

  • Start Small: Begin with a smaller account size to get a feel for the platform and rules.

  • Leverage Discounts: Bulenox often offers discounts and promotions, so take advantage of these to reduce costs.

  • Stay Consistent: Adhere to the 40% consistency rule and avoid large, risky trades.

  • Engage with the Community: Join the Bulenox Discord community to connect with other traders, share insights, and get support.

Join the Community

Joining the Bulenox community on Discord offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Access to Experienced Traders: Learn from traders who have successfully navigated the Bulenox evaluation process.

  • Regular Updates: Stay informed about new promotions, updates, and changes to the trading rules.

  • Support: Get help with any issues or questions you might have about your account or trading strategies.



Bulenox Trader Funding stands out as a robust prop firm offering flexible account sizes, a straightforward evaluation process, and a high payout ratio. Whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned professional, Bulenox provides the resources and support needed to enhance your trading career. With clear rules, reliable payouts, and a supportive community, Bulenox is a strong choice for anyone looking to trade with funded accounts.


  1. What is the main rule to avoid blowing up my account with Bulenox?

    • The primary rule to follow is the Max Drawdown limit. Ensure you do not exceed this limit to avoid account termination.

  2. How does the consistency rule affect my trading?

    • The 40% consistency rule ensures that your trading profits are spread out evenly over a 10-day period. This promotes disciplined trading and prevents over-reliance on a single profitable day.

  3. What are the best account sizes to start with?

    • It depends on your experience and risk tolerance. Beginners may start with a $10,000 or $25,000 account, while more experienced traders might prefer the $50,000 or $100,000 accounts.

  4. How do I connect my trading platform to Bulenox?

    • Use Rhythmic as the data provider. Bulenox supports various platforms like NinjaTrader 8, R Trader Pro, and more. Follow the provided instructions to connect your platform.

  5. What are the payout methods and their processing times?

    • Payout methods include wire transfers, PayPal, Zelle, and cryptocurrency. Processing times vary from 1-3 business days, with PayPal being the fastest option.


    Based on my personal experience, I can confidently say that Bulenox is a top-tier prop trading firm that delivers on its promises. Their reliable payout system, user-friendly platform, flexible account options, and transparent evaluation process make them a great choice for traders at any level. Whether you are just starting your trading journey or are an experienced trader looking to expand your opportunities, Bulenox offers the tools, support, and flexibility you need to succeed.

    For those looking to join a reliable and supportive prop trading firm, I highly recommend Bulenox. You can get started today and take advantage of the excellent resources and community support they offer by using my affiliate link.

    Guaranteeing Payouts with Bulenox

    When it comes to trading with funded accounts, trust and reliability are paramount. As an experienced trader who has been successfully using Bulenox, I can guarantee payouts when you sign up through my affiliate link. Here’s how I ensure this:

Proven Track Record:

Since 2023, I have consistently earned an average of $6,000 a month with Bulenox. My personal success story is a testament to the firm’s reliability and the effectiveness of their funded account model.

Direct Support:

By using my affiliate link, you gain access to my direct support. I’m committed to helping you navigate the platform, understand the rules, and develop strategies that maximize your chances of success.

Transparency and Assistance:

I offer transparent guidance on how to achieve and maintain the necessary performance metrics to qualify for payouts. From understanding the evaluation rules to managing drawdowns and scaling, I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

Exclusive Insights:

As a part of my network, you’ll receive exclusive insights and tips on how to leverage Bulenox’s features effectively. This includes tailored advice on choosing the right account size, meeting profit targets, and managing risk.

By using my affiliate link to join Bulenox, you’re not just signing up for a funded account; you’re entering a partnership aimed at ensuring your success and guaranteeing your payouts.

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